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Building Better Goalies


Our Story.
Our Mission.


At SAGA Goaltending Academy, our mission is to build better goalies. We want to help our students build upon the skills they already have, and help make them the best goalie they could be.

In 2008, Devon volunteered with a minor hockey U-11 hockey team. After a few seasons, Devon gained quite a following; working with other goalies in the association, and expanding out to other communities. In 2016, Devon started discussing with goaltenders parents how goalie coaching is unaffordable for the average goalie wanting to improve their skill, and more times than not the teams coaches were oblivious to the unique position the goaltender held, thus Saga Goaltending Academy was formed.

By the time SAGA Goaltending Academy fully opened in 2018, Devon had been playing as a goaltender for 22 years and had been coaching for more than 10 years. Over the years, he’s gained skills and advice from professional goalies and coaches that he now passes down to his students in the academy.

In their first year of operation, Devon and his team had a mission statement to keep costs affordable for parents, and by using word of mouth and recommendations from other parents they have successfully grown.  To date this mission statement stands strong, relying on word of mouth and the strong showing of our goaltenders development to build our brand across Alberta.

Goalie standing near the net

Company Values

SAGA Goaltending Academy highly values the trust of their goaltenders in training, and of their parents. We strive to create a fun and relaxed environment, the more fun they have, the quicker they grow and succeed, which is why we take theirs and your feedback seriously. We strive to become better coaches, and to constantly create a better learning environment for your children.

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Services Provided

We offer various sessions, lessons and camps to help develop and train your child to become the best goalie they can be. We offer private sessions, semi-private lessons, camps, and team practices.

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We will travel

We use various areas in Calgary and surrounding areas, but one thing that makes us different at SAGA Goaltending Academy is we want to bring convenience to you, we are willing to travel to do sessions and work with your busy schedule.

What makes us different ?

The Approach

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Although two of the main rinks we do teach out of are located in Chestermere and The Hockey Hub YYC, one thing that makes us different at SAGA Goaltending Academy is we are willing to travel to do sessions and work with your schedule.

 “I want them to feel like they can trust to speak up to their coaches when they’re having trouble playing or learning. When students are comfortable with their coaches and their teammates, they become more excited for their training sessions, and their willingness to learn grows each day.”

Devon Hardie

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