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Take their skills and build upon them

Our mission is to build better goalies. We want to help our students fine tune skills they already have, and discover skills they don’t yet know.  Our main goal is to develop their skills, to lead them to be the best goalie they can be.

Devon has been running this Academy since 2018, and strives to create a fun, relaxed, and comfortable training environment, so his students feel welcome and look forward to their next session.

Devon has over 15 years of coaching experience, and has worked with elite organizations, such as the Chestermere Lakers AA, Calgary Royals, Calgary Buffaloes, and SAIT Trojans.

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Client Testimonials

Devon and the SAGA team were and still are amazing with my young goaltender. Our situation was different than most of the other goalies at the summer camps as he did not play at all last season.After the first ice time it looked like he hadn’t been on the ice for a year. By the end of the first week it looked like he hadn’t missed a beat. The attention to detail and progressive drills combined with the coach’s positive atmosphere and knowledge was amazing. There is a perfect mix of one on one instruction as well as multiple reps within a group setting.

We appreciate everything the SAGA team has done for us and will continue to do so as our little player progresses in his goaltending career.

Thanks guys


Devon has become so much more than a great goalie coach for our son…he is a mentor, a confidante, and a friend! He takes a vested interest in the boys he works with; helping them to achieve their personal goals. Devon has made a point, on his own time; to watch our goalie play in league games…you can see the grin from behind the mask when Devon walks in!

It provides invaluable feedback for their sessions, and it really engages the goalie. He has made himself available for important decisions my son has faced, from development, to team changes, to off-ice time. Devon has been instrumental in developing confidence as well. He truly has become like a big brother to my son and we are forever grateful for all that he does!


Devon and his coaches have been instrumental in Isaac’s development. Isaac has been working consistently with Devon for the last two years and has risen to make an HSL Major Team. Devon’s team pays close attention to detail and uses on-ice video recording to sharpen Isaac’s technique.

More importantly, Devon is very relatable with Isaac and the other goalies, which fosters a greater love of the game for Isaac. Weekly practices with Devon are always a high point in Isaac’s week, he always looks forward to it even if it means getting up early in the morning!



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